Repurposed Leather Purse Ring

By Neokentin

Every January I get a kick out of ridding myself of stuff that I finally admit I don’t need anymore. So I cut out a scrap from an old green […]

From Cutlery To Bold Accessories

By KrasiiIvWonders

We have decided to be bold and give a second life to old stainless steel utensils. Some of them are shiny; some are vintage style, and some are with oxidized silver effect. The common thing about all of them is that they have been created with love and passion. Each one of our items is unique and can’t be done again.

Rings Made Out Of Recycled Skis

By Neokentin

Gabarage upcycling design uses old skis to make beautiful rings out of them.

Small Paperflower

By Helena Andreasson

Made of recycled magazine. Used for decorating.

Jewelry Made of Floppy Discs

By Helena Andreasson

I have made jewelry of the metal tray in floppy discs. I show you how to do it on my blog. Look for “diskettkonst”, it´s the word for “art of floppy […]

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