From Cutlery To Bold Accessories

About the team: We are Krasi and Iv. Krasi is “The force” and Iv is “The muse.” We are from Bulgaria, Europe. Our names written together in our language mean “Beautiful.” So we are trying to create beauty every day and give smiles and good emotions to our friends and followers.

About the process: Using of furnace erases every previous use from the cutlery. It helps to manipulate the material easily with the proper instrument. And gives us few minutes to hand sculpt them into bracelets, pendants, and rings. Sometimes we have to heat them over and over again to sculpt them better and better. But this makes the steel, even more, stronger than before.

About the polishing: After the high heat treatment the steel has become dark gray or even black. So, it is the turn of three-stage polishing. It is a time-consuming and very dirty job but, hey, it has to be shiny and alluring, right…

We make some finishing, and the jewel is ready for photos and more important it is ready for its new life and its new possessor.


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Kathleen Quinn

Are these for dale anywhere?

jo burns
jo burns

i love the fork bangle

genius x

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