by Leopold Sikoronja

Rings Made Out Of Recycled Skis

In Austria, everybody goes skiing. No wonder, that there are plenty of sorted out skis everywhere. Gabarage upcycling design had an idea to upcycle them: they take old or broken skis and snowboards and gives them a second life as jewelry. They cut and drill as long as it needs to find the perfect shape.

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Barbara Lott

i have one! <3 … love gabarage upcycling design!

Ziva Sekelj

Anja Špindler neki zate :-) no jaz bi imela to

Bonnie Haines


Pam WhimsicalVintage
Pam WhimsicalVintage

Creatively fantastic!!…and a great gift idea, shared all around:)

Mounir Bouazza
Mounir Bouazza

i am wondering how you cut the ski in this chape. thank you

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