Lamps Robots Assemblage

By gille monte ruici

Here is a new series of creations: The lamps robots. They are constituted by an aluminum gourd, mobile lamps, as well as kitchenware, washbasin siphon and thread stalks.

Natures Woodbots Are Rising from the Leaves

By Neokentin

The Woodbots Are Coming! I took a walk in the woods recently, catching a rare glimpse of this one. If you see one….approach with caution….whilst most of them are friendly and […]

Obviousfront Robots

By Neokentin

Robots built with lead-free solder using electronic components salvaged from discarded TVs and VCRs.

Construction of Recycled Robots

By Neokentin

Until now I worked on the recycling of kitchenware, I pursue my diversions by giving a new orientation by building some robots. Here are some examples from products: gourd, drill, […]

Amazing Robots Made by Daphné Burge

By Neokentin

Created from vintage metal tins !

Robot Assemblage Sculpture Night Lights

By Neokentin

If you don’t find me at auto and marine salvage yards, scrap metal yards, military surplus shops, construction site dumpsters, yard sales, swap meets, etc… then I will be in […]

Runaway Robot from Recycled Parts

By Neokentin

Made from parts and wires from a son’s broken fan, some beading wire, a hot glue gun, a glue stick and two googly eyes.


By Neokentin

robot made ​​with shopping boxes of La Maison du Chocolat. They are assembled with elastic and the robot is perfectly articulated.

Volstead – Foundy Molds Upcycled into a Bar with Mood Lighting

By Neokentin

The foundry molds in this functional sculpture are the centerpiece for its design. We worked to create something that shows the beautiful character of the century-old wood forms, while giving […]

The Traveller

By Neokentin

The Traveller is my take on an industrial age/futuristic, traveling machine-robot that may have been made by a mad professor. Imagine this machine designed to go out and travel the […]

The Wurlitzer 9000 Walking Music Machine

By Neokentin

The WurliTzer 9000 is a walking music machine! It is made by CyberCraft Robots from industrial and found objects assemblage !

Adopt A Bot

By Neokentin

Through Adopt-A-Bot, you can give a chance to an adorable robot, made from recycled elements, enriching your environment with style and saving an astonishing variety of metal pieces from a […]

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