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Zebulon (night & day)

By Neodim

Plastic robot-light by +Brauer

Diy: Giant Robot Arms

By Neodim

Arm yourself with giant cardboard robot arms! Perfect for giant robot hugs, super high high-fives, & terrorizing small children.

Recycled Robots

By Neokentin

Recycled Robots made from found materials by Robots on Parade, we love robots at recyclart! ;-) ++ Available on Etsy shop Robots on Parade

+brauer Lights

By Neodim

French designer +Brauer lives and works in Paris. Since 20 years, +Brauer has created many album covers for French and international artists and works in parallel as a visual painter, photographer and sculpter. […]


By Neokentin

My son build these “Treasurebots” out of a tin cans and other metal pieces. They are both functional and can store lots of cool treasures inside their bodies. They are […]


By Neodim

(Art and photo by Paul Loughridge) Words: Bonnie Burton When artist Paul Loughridge (AKA “Lockwasher”) looks at metal scraps, soda cans and abandoned electronics, he sees potential creatures and droids […]

Lipson Robotics

By Neokentin

We like robots at Recyclart, and we found these very nice Lipson Robotics that are created from random old objects. ++ Lipson Robotics at Etsy

Electronic Sparebots

By Neokentin

They are not cute these little robots ? Made from capacitors, diodes, resistors, leds, bits of wire, solder & time ! ++ Sparebots by Lenny&Meriel

Audrey Robots

By Neokentin

These nice little robots are handmade by audrey, recycling junk and surplus components.

Dinosaur Can

By Neodim

Lovely robots made from repurposed cans.

Robot Lamps by Eric Claverie

By Neodim

Eric Claverie is a French artist from Toulouse that recycle all kind of objects to make these funny robots lamps ! ++ Kikidesign by Eric Claverie ++ Available for buying […]

Electronics Robots

By Neodim

Ann Smith spends her days making little robotic like figurines from broken electronics and machine parts, the result is these lovely robots ! ++ Ann P. Smith’s Robots

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