by David Shackleton

Natures Woodbots Are Rising from the Leaves

The Woodbots Are Coming! I took a walk in the woods recently, catching a rare glimpse of this one. If you see one….approach with caution….whilst most of them are friendly and shy, not liking to be seen, you do hear about the odd one getting startled, resulting in an attack!

Inspired by vintage toy robots, these little Woodbots are made from off cuts of hardwood timber, timber that many furniture makers would just through in the bin! The various exotic hardwoods used to create the Woodbot shown, create a cute, quirky, contemporary product out of nothing!

Made by David James Shackleton, for Red Thumb Print.

Red Thumb Print is a brand name and makers mark for for furniture designed and made by David James Shackleton. The Woodbot Shown is the first of many…each one will be unique and handmade by myself. With many more products in development, is expected to go live in June 2013. Until this time Red Thumb Print is on Facebook, you can show your support here:



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