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How To Make A Rug With Old Denim

By Ohoh blog

Upcycle your old denims by making a nice circle rug. I use 7 pant’s to make it and I end up with a 6 feet diameter rug. It’s simple to make […]

Diy Pebble Rug To Cozy Up Your Home

By joanna1st

With the development of 3d printing, most of us have left the magical world of stitching and sewing to engage in some modern-oriented, yet simplistic methods. Especially when it comes […]

Recycled Hoses into Garden Mat

By Neokentin

I used old garden hoses and black zip ties to create a large oval rug to use in front of my planters bench.

Fabric Scrap Pet Rug

By Neokentin

I was throwing out old shirts & realized I needed a new rug for my dog, Coco. I decided to make a rug to match the new colors in my […]

The Sharpie Rug by ‘a Nest for All Seasons’

By Neokentin

Perhaps you have an old stained sisal rug that you are thinking of throwing out in the trash. Take a risk and try creating your own design with Sharpie marker […]

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