Diy Pebble Rug To Cozy Up Your Home

With the development of 3d printing, most of us have left the magical world of stitching and sewing to engage in some modern-oriented, yet simplistic methods. Especially when it comes to home decoration, today’s designs go beyond our expectations for the upcoming trends of 2014. While vintage style seems to rule the world of fashion for the past few years, the already-released-on-the-market home 3d printers provide a broader space for the development of home decoration. But can we avoid the use of such technology and create designs up-to-date with today’s trends without actually investing in this new technology?

The answer is yes!

This lovely pebble rug is a perfect example how everyday objects can be implicated in a design leading to an innovative, yet easy-to-do decoration. But what exactly is the method of creating such a charming Eco-carpet? Let’s take a look at the following photos. By itself, the photo collection explains pretty well how can you replicate this design, but I am going to introduce you to the step-by-step tutorial anyways in case you need some inspiration along with the basic method. So let’s take a look at…

The Guide To Your New Pebble Carpet

The most important ingredient for this great DIY decor “recipe” is the fabric. By making the right choice of textile and colors, you can give your project that one unique look is matching your ideas and personal style. I would always recommend cotton as the most preferred coating as it gives every design a touch of natural beauty and warm, cozy look. Jumping between light and dark shades of brown and gray can help you create an almost realistic looking stone carpeting. Rocks can be part of your material list if you happen to have some around, but you can always stitch a couple of tiny balls of recycled textile and cover them in the cloth of choice for the final look of your floor decoration. But why working in these boundaries when we can go beyond? Can’t we…

Create Something Unique

Of course we can and to be honest, it is even recommended, if you are looking for a way to upgrade your skills and challenge yourself to create something bigger and better. The Pebble project can not only be applied for floor carpeting, but for an even wider range of creations. Be it a pillow, with an odd look reminding of the Stone Age, or a colorful combination of abstract forms materialized into a fancy sofa covering, your interpretation of this simple project is what really matters.



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Jennifer Ward

I Love this!!!

Iris Woytowich

me too!

Keith Mailhotte

Great dog bed

Erin Baye

So cute!! I would love to enjoy the feeling of this on bare feet…..but would it be hard to keep clean i wonder?!

Flow Delreux

j’a-do-re ! mes mes minettes en feraient un massacre ! :(


Maybe it’s because I am reading this on my phone and not a larger screen, but I am not seeing how the pebbles are made and sewn together. The multi-color rug is pompoms sewn onto hook rug backing but the pebbles are not the same. Is there an actual tutorial on how to make these?


Where is the actual tutorial? I would love to make one of these. I guess I can just do a web search later, but I clicked on the link because I thought it was a full tutorial.


ShornSheep- I’m totally with you on that! Whew is the tutorial? I guess I’ll consult the goog or YouTube myself. I love this and I’ll be perfect in my daughter’s play room!

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