by Rosana Modugno

Fabric Scrap Pet Rug

I was throwing out old shirts & realized I needed a new rug for my dog, Coco. I decided to make a rug to match the new colors in my living room & took one color of each shirt, regardless of the texture & knotted them together to make a long tail. Each color had a tail, all knotted together. I didn’t measure because I wanted to use them all. When I finally knotted each to make one tail, I knotted the ends of all the color tails & started to braid them as if it was hair. When the braid was done, I laid it down on the floor & starting from the center, kept roping the braid around & around until it made a circular rug. Then I simply hand stitched them all together & flipped the rug over. Coco saw me making it & sat on it before I got a chance to finish it in the one pic. But at the end, the rug came out just as I pictured it. Coco LOVES her new rug, even better than the one she had. This one keeps her cool & is easily washable. Just throw it in the machine & it’s done. I will never buy a small rug again & always watch what I throw out. :)


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