Nearly-headless Nick – The Punk Teddy Bear

By GreenDevil

Teddy bear destined for landfill gave a new life and new personality.

Environmental Folk Art

By Neokentin

The next time you notice a shattered, cracked or fragmented piece of wood or metal laying in the street, imagine seeing it creatively reused in a piece of art work. […]

Recycling Is Art

By Neokentin

There is much more to paper art than origami. The art form originated more than 2,000 years ago in Japan and the craft has been much developed since then. Now […]

Salvaged Yellow Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made ​​from parts found in the scrap. Lights up very nicely and has an unconventional look. It will be a good present in large loft spaces and also in […]

Awesome Up-cycled Functional Artistry Made with Reclaimed Materials

By RetroSteamWorks

Floridian Artist Jay Lana is the creator behind Retro Steam Works; a Studio Specialized in the Making of Up-cycled Lighting Décor Using Reclaimed Materials. He lives in sunny Southwest Florida […]

Dining Bench Made from an Upcycled Bed

By Neokentin

A dining bench made from an old wood bed-frame and leftover construction materials from TX/RX Labs ( of Houston’s build out of their maker-space.

Joyous Spring – Trash Art

By Neokentin

Assemblage made from altered doll parts and lots of salvaged “junk”…mustard jar, electronic parts, old hose, a car part, and wood scraps. Measures approximately 8″ wide x 5″ deep x […]

Red House With Salvaged Doors in Liverpool

By Neokentin

This house is located at Great George Street (Liverpool) and celebrates regeneration and revival. The house fronts are made from doors salvaged from local housing stock that has been renewed.

Lamp – Lucmo

By Neokentin

I made a project called My friends made a lamp with salvaged parts. We made it in Poland. Lamps made ​​from parts found in the scrap. Lights up very […]

American Flags Made from Salvaged Wood

By Neokentin

These flags were inspired by a huge stack of wooden lathe, left over during the renovation of an old home in Nashville, TN. Lathe are the wood slats that form […]

Architectural Sculpture Made Entirely From Recycled Plexiglass

By Neokentin

The sculpture is called Stripped Opacity Construction Playground and is a network of modular structures prepared in sections from 100% recycled 1/8 inch plexiglass salvaged from various frame shops. Each […]

Lotus Flower Sculpture

By Neokentin

Hand Crafted Botany from Salvaged Woods. This Flower Sculpture Softens any Decor, As a Wall Hanging, On a Desk, a Fireplace. It also Holds Incense and Flowers! A Flower that […]

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