Nearly-headless Nick – The Punk Teddy Bear

I’ve recently started rescuing abandoned toys from the street. Most of them I find broken after a flea market and destined for landfill. I found this guy with his head hanging off, held on by only a few stitches (Hence the name Nearly-headless Nick), so I had to save him. Rather than sew his head back on perfectly, I thought I would add a zipper to remind us of his near demise. There is a little pocket behind the zipper, so his stuffing doesn’t fall out when you open it.

As with my other abandoned toy projects, I like to make it look like he has had to repair himself and face the hard world alone.

Long gone are his childhood days; he now has a new life as the mascot for The Reinfected punk revival band on the Costa del Sol. The group loves him, and he tours with them all over the coast.

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Reply to  GreenDevil

Done Luke :)

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