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Diy: Cleaning up Your Vintage And/Or Antique Sewing Machines

By HeatherStiletto

Many of us swear by specific products. I’m a fan of many of them because what works on one brand of an antique sewing machine, is terrible on another (such […]

Restored Singer Industrial Sewing Machine

By HeatherStiletto

Sometimes recycling, upcycling, etc., is RESTORING something back to its original functionality. Here is my 1918 model 43-5 Singer Industrial Sewing Machine that I had to do a lot of […]

Top 5 Upcycled Project Ideas June 2017

By HeatherStiletto

Upcycling and recycling are the creative ability to look at a discarded object and see other purposes – and then create your vision. Here are the top 5 Project Ideas […]

Old Treadle Sewing Machine Converted Into Singer Chair

By Creatingzen

Walnut and leather turn this Singer sewing machine into a sweet seat.

Diy Video Tutorial: Oil Your Sewing Machine Properly!

By HeatherStiletto

With the upcycling/recycling movement gaining popularity, and a trash-into-treasure mentality becoming acceptable, it’s no wonder that people are reacquainting themselves with sewing crafts. But what people forget – or never […]

Upcycled Sewing Machine Bobbins Into Earrings

By Neokentin

When I purchased an assortment of small novelty items, two sewing machine bobbins were included. So, I made a sewing machine bobbins into beautiful earrings! What to do with those wrong-sized bobbins […]

Ammunition Box Into Sewing Machine Table

By Neokentin

This table was made by mounting a tank ammunition box on an old Singer sewing machine base.

Singer Sewing Table Reconverted / Recycled as Makeup Table

By jonasscheck

The old furniture/objects are usually made to last a very long time and incredibly beautiful, they often lose they purpose and become more an object of decoration, I am then […]

Old & Unused Dress To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

After I had shown recently on my blog how to sew a drawstring bag from a mini skirt, I was asked by a friend if I can do the same […]

Skirt To Bag

By Ronja Lotte

I can’t stop making bags! They are just so easy to sew and pretty! Recently I discovered that one can make a drawstring bag out of a mini skirt and […]

Old Rag Rug Reused Into Cute Summer Bag

By Ronja Lotte

Make a cute summer bag out of an old rag rug! Get the whole tutorial here!

Old T-shirts Become A New Scarf

By jpario

What else is a frugal chica going to do when she wants her red coat to match her orange sunglasses? The scarf is made entirely out of old T-shirts. I […]

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