Top 5 Upcycled Project Ideas June 2017

Upcycling and recycling are the creative ability to look at a discarded object and see other purposes – and then create your vision. Here are the top 5 Project Ideas June 2017 as chosen by YOU!

Upcycle boring T-Shirts: Our number 1 Upcycled Project Ideas June 2017

#1: Ice-Dyed T-Shirts

Ice-dyed T-shirts is a great way to save money by buying old, plain T-shirts and coloring them to your hearts desire. Thats why it is the #1 top Project Ideas June 2017!
Do not tolerate those boring, bland T-shirts anymore! Demand some color in your life, and have some fun with this Ice Dying technique!

#2: Make your own Marble Fidget Spinner – DIY Video Tutorial!

Project Ideas June - #2 is this great DIY Wooden Fidget Spinner.
Have you seen the prices on these little toys? Put those dollars back into your wallet and make one instead. We have a handy DIY video tutorial for you to do just that!

#3: Upcycled Sewing Machine Cabinet Into A Chair

Project Ideas June #3: Upcycled sewing machine base becomes a regal chair.
Have an old treadle base, and the sewing machine is not functional? Upcycle it instead.

#4: Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Cool Bags & More!

Project Ideas June #4: Levi Strauss Jeans become handbags.
Now you will smile when your kids come home with a hole in their jeans because you will have a good excuse for a new bag!

#5: Turn a Mini-Hanger Into A Jewelry Organizer

#5 Project Ideas June: mini hanger becomes a jewelry organizer with the addition of a few simple cup hooks.
When your child grows out of clothes that fit on these mini hangers, turn them into something functional like this jewelry organizer.

Turn pallets into a beautiful Accent Wall in your Bedroom! Can you believe a Prom Dress can have Chicken Wire in it?

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