Antique Wood Crate Turned Into Side Table

By Jgiamma

A side table made out of an antique wooden crate and hairpin legs.

Weird, Wonderful Mannequin Leg Side Table

By GreenDevil

Get inspired by unique upcycled ideas like this weird, wacky and wonderful Mannequin Leg Side Table. I’ve always been a fan of weird and wonderful furniture that tells a story. […]

Pine Nightstand Backed Using Corrugated Tin Panel


I made this Pine Nightstand with some standard 1×4″ tongue & groove pine boards. Additionally, I used a piece of corrugated tin roofing for the back and trimmed it with cedar. […]

Man Cave Aviator Side Table Upcycles Airplane Parts

By Creatingzen

This aircraft engine cowl has been reborn as a way cool side table for your man cave. Polished aluminum reclaimed wood and plexiglass combine to give the illusion of motion.

storage for your flight gear or magazines in the bottom.

Recycling A Cast Iron Stove Into A Side Table

By Michelle Leslie

Think outside the box, or in this case pot bellied stove, and make this one-of-a-kind side table. Warning, you might need to raid your spice cupboard to get the look.

Side Tables Made From Reused Bottles And Wood By Tati Guimarães


Tati Guimarães is a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona from where she manages her design studio Ciclus. Founded in 2001, Ciclus expresses emotion through design and ideas are transformed with […]

The Magazine Side Table

By Danna Moran

As an interior designer I accumulate a lot of design magazines. One way to get rid of the old copies is simply to take them to the paper recycle bin…. […]

Repurpose Two Drawers Into A Vintage Side Table

By Neodim

This is one of the most spectacular reuses of old drawers I’ve seen. Simple and effective to give a 50’s vintage look. The legs are perfect for it!

Lp Record Side Table

By Neodim

Great reuse of vinyl records !

Coat Hangers Wine Rack

By Neokentin

A side table I made from multiple black flocked coat hangers and doubles as a wine rack.

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Into Side Table

By Neokentin

Once upon a time I lived in California. While living there, I made a suitcase table. Not only did I love it but I often received compliments on it from […]

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