Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Cat Plush Out of a Sock

By Kurofujoshi365

I was inspired to make this plush out of love for the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service. This plush did not take me very long to make nor did I use any patterns. I made this out of an old thigh high sock that I had lost the other side too. To make use of it instead of throwing it out, I decided to utilize it, and freehandedly try to make this plush. This is my first DIY tutorial so pardon if there are aspects of a tutorial I am missing, or if there are any details I lack. Please enjoy, and feel free to use this tutorial for any other plush that follows a similar structure.

5 Great Upcycled Pumpkin Ideas For This Halloween!

By Neokentin

Yes, my friends, Halloween is coming as Winter is coming :) and Halloween is the perfect period of the year to show to your friends and family you upcycling skills! […]

Rasta Chaussette / Rasta Sock

By Neokentin

J’ai créer un personnage rasta cousu à partir d’une chaussette et de franges de balai espagnol pour le soutien d’un festival “les Escales Africaines” à Epernay au profit d’un maquis […]

How to Pack a Shirt in a Sock ?

By Neodim

If you need to carry an extra pair of underwear, socks and a t-shirt in a small bag or backpack this has to be the best way. Throw this in […]

Diy Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial

By Neodim

It’s time to think “Winter“! And for all the Frozen fans, here is a tutorial to create your own Olaf. What you’ll need: 1 bobby sock Approximately 1 1/3 cups of rice […]

A Mouse from an Old Sock

By Neokentin

Reduce and Reuse come together to make this cute mouse from an old sock. An easy step by step process illustrated to make this fun toy for children or pets.

Recycled Owls

By Neokentin

Given my passion for owls, I made puppets from old sweaters, socks and leg warmers, adding imagination, color and originality.

Monster Socks

By Neokentin

Transform your old socks in a nice and lovely little monster!

Socks Vase Covers

By Neodim

It’s easy ! perfect idea to recycle your orphan socks.

Sock Cupcakes

By Neodim

Not really recycled, but easy to do at home. So cute ! ++ Here

Miss Aaralyn’s Christmas Stocking

By Neokentin

A beautiful Christmas stocking made from upcycled t-shirts and fabrics, broken jewelry, and vintage buttons.

Diy : Sock & Rock

By Neokentin

A rock with a sock stitched over it makes an interesting object for display – or to use as a paper weight. So easy to make – you only need […]

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