How to Pack a Shirt in a Sock ?

If you need to carry an extra pair of underwear, socks and a t-shirt in a small bag or backpack this has to be the best way. Throw this in a gallon Ziploc bag and you’ve got a dry change of cloths(minus shorts or pants). A great way to pack extra clothes for kids too and not take up a bunch of space.

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Jon Kelsey

or: How to stretch out the elastic so your socks will never stay up.

Kate Turner
Reply to  Jon Kelsey

use an old or odd one (plenty of odd ones in my house thanks to the pup :P )

Lélé Mhoua

mouai … après tes chaussettes ne tiennent plus a tes pieds !

Sunny Freez

Sabrina le Guellec entraine toi ;)

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