Wooden Spools Into Table & Seating

By Burçin Uçak

The wooden spools that were found on the side of the road are transformed into a multi-functioned design.

Old Spools of Thread as Hooks

By Ronja Lotte

Today I will show you a small but sweet idea. Nothing needs to be sewn or built for it and it looks pretty immediately. All you need for material are […]

Upcycled Cable Spool Into Table With Led

By Neokentin

Multifunctional cable spool table made with LED lighting and electrical supplying point. Click the link below to watch a time-lapse movie on how to Do It Yourself!

Thread Astaire Necklace

By Neokentin

The “Thread Astaire” Necklace harks back to another era where men were stylish, classy and debonair. Fred Astaire was what we call today….a triple threat. He was the Hugh Jackman […]

Upcycled Colored Spools Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Part of ‘Thread of Society’ collection, using spools as beads where the color can be changed by using various color threads, the result is unique jewelry!

Spools Twine Vases

By Neokentin

Instead of sitting in a drawer when not in use, spools of twine can serve as small vases. Just drop a small cup into the center, fill with water and […]

Diy Recycled Cable Spool

By Neodim

Have a stack of empty trays from a frozen dinner binge? Turn them into useful cable spools ! ++ Simple idea by Cyclotronx

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