by Mezzy

Thread Astaire Necklace

The “Thread Astaire” Necklace harks back to another era where men were stylish, classy and debonair. Fred Astaire was what we call today….a triple threat. He was the Hugh Jackman of his day as he could sing, dance and act. He lived in an era when clothes were made to look beautiful and they were tailored to the highest standard.

I found a beautiful J & P Coats vintage thread and spool at a retro stall and instantly feel in love with it. In the old days, cotton thread was sold on beautiful wooden spools. The thread has never been unwound and it is still in its original unused state. When I saw this spool, I visualized a statement necklace. This piece of history needed to be the hero… I kept the necklace simple and therefore the “Thread Astaire” Necklace was born


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Emmyloo Yétu via Facebook
Emmyloo Yétu via Facebook

Boualem Boubou ! C’est par ici :)

Boualem Boubou via Facebook
Boualem Boubou via Facebook

Merci :*

Emmyloo Yétu via Facebook
Emmyloo Yétu via Facebook

Je t’en prie :))

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