Diy: Bottle Terrarium

By Neodim

We’ve all seen photos of a beautiful terrarium with its own miniature ecosystem in a bottle — I decided to try making my own. This quick and simple DIY project […]

Recycled Glass Terrarium

By Neokentin

This dodecahedron Terrarium is comprised of 12 pentagons, one space is left open to fill with a small plant. Made from recycled window glass !

Beararium – Honey Bear Terrarium

By Neokentin

Here is my Beararium. It is a terrarium I made from a honey bear! We seem to have a lot of honey bears at our house, so I was trying […]

Diy Terrariums

By Neokentin

Last week I showed a few examples of DIY terrariums made with everyday objects. I got so inspired that I decided to make one of my own. Looking through my kitchen […]

Terrarium Made From Discarded Light Bulb

By Neokentin

The Steamed Glass Studio is specialized in terrarium styles that twist nostalgia and curiosity with a unique charm. Constructed from an actual incandescent bulb, mosses, stones and lichens are at […]

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