by Patrick Hoesterey

Diy: Bottle Terrarium

We’ve all seen photos of a beautiful terrarium with its own miniature ecosystem in a bottle — I decided to try making my own. This quick and simple DIY project turned out great and took almost no time at all.

First, find a bottle (or a few). Look for interesting shapes and brands, but make sure the glass is clear so your plants will get the sunlight they need. My bottles came from a local bar on recycling day. Wash and rinse the bottles thoroughly, then fill the bottom 1/4 of each bottle with activated charcoal (available at garden centers or online). This helps with drainage in your terrarium.

Next, fill the bottle up to halfway with potting soil. A funnel makes this a breeze. Then, gently insert your baby plants. Use chopsticks to position the plants and bury their roots. That’s it! You can also add decorative elements like moss or small animal figurines. Use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind composition.

Use a spray bottle to mist your plants when they get dry. But don’t overwater your terrarium — there should never be standing water in the bottom. Give your plants plenty of sunlight and they’ll be happy in their new, upcycled bottle terrarium.






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Dawn Hartsuff
Dawn Hartsuff

I’d love to do this, but, what happens when the tiny plants start growing? (I like your easy instructions, many thanks.)

Thanks much, Dawn

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