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by Jacky Alsina

Diy Terrariums

Last week I showed a few examples of DIY terrariums made with everyday objects. I got so inspired that I decided to make one of my own. Looking through my kitchen cabinets I found two old generic vases. You know the ones that you get with flowers at Valentine’s day. The third, was a left over centerpiece vase from our wedding. The best part is that I found a use for three vases that were just sitting under the sink.

For the base I used three thrift store plates that were actually meant for another project I’m working on. And I used pebbles, plants, moss and soil that I already had. So basically this project was free. Aren’t those the best?

If you don’t have any moss in your garden you can probably find some somewhere in your neighborhood. Just look in a shady spot. I found some of mine while walking around my neighborhood and some more just outside our back gate. If you still can’t find any you could always use preserved moss from the craft store.


  • glass vase
  • small plate
  • pebbles
  • soil
  • moss
  • small plant with shallow roots

Place some small stones or pebbles on the plates. Wet a handful of soil and place it on top. Place the plant in the center and cover the roots with more moist soil.

Place moss on top and some rocks for decoration. Mist soil, plants and moss with water. The system should be self-contained once the glass is on top, but if it begins dying out give it a light watering or misting occasionally.

Place the vase over the planting and wipe any dirt showing on the plate with a damp paper towel.

Diy Terrariums Do-It-Yourself Ideas Garden Ideas

Diy Terrariums Do-It-Yourself Ideas Garden Ideas

Diy Terrariums Do-It-Yourself Ideas Garden Ideas

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