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Umbrella Holder From One Recycled Tire

By Neokentin

A simple & clever idea with this tire recycled into an umbrella holder…simple, useful and look nice!

The Flat Tire Brand

By Neodim

Unique and innovative products made from recycled tires.

Tireflops: a Fashionable and Sustainable Footwear Solution

By Neodim

TireFlops are the new ultralight and extra comfortable flip flops. With recycled tire out-soles for maximum grip and durability.

Belt Made from Bike Inner Tubes

By Maison Ròde

Belt made with recycled bike tires & inner tubes. Handcrafted & Eco-Friendly. Made in Italy.

Wiwi Upcycled Footwear


WIWI is an upcycled product created in 2010, by the idea to transform used material into a unique footwear. The combination of a coffee sack, which is made from ‘jute’ an organic […]

Wiwi [Recycled] Shoes


The secrets ingredients of wiwi shoes is made from recycled Brazil coffee sack mixed with car’s tire as a sole, we add more good quality of latex as insole to […]

Infra - Upcycled Sandal Serena

By Neokentin

Our sandals are designed inside Artefizio lab. The handcrafted/traditional technique is revolutionized by the introduction of materials, which re-thought, gain new life. Bicycle tire, inner tubes, leather wastes, jeans, tissues […]

Bracelets From Colorful Upcycled Bicycle Tires

By Neokentin

Tire bracelet from “Felvarrom” upcycled / recycled cycling apparel manufacture! All tire bracelets are made from carefully selected, high-quality, colorful recycled bicycle tires. All the recycled materials Felvarrom uses are […]

Tire Pile Playground in Sarasota Children's Garden

By Neodim

This colored tire pile is part of the interactive children garden of recycled-ness in Sarasota!

Mural Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Neokentin

This mural was made for breast cancer awareness in Utila, a Honduran island in the Carribean. The logo of the breast cancer team is “Fight like a girl”. The first […]

Recycled Wallet

By Neokentin

Made in Italy from recovered truck inner tubes, stamping decoration, indestructible, waterproof & unique. Size cm 12 X 9.

Inner Tubes Salon

By Neokentin

Created by pumping air into recycled inner tubes given structure by a metal framework, the collection of furniture features a handful of chairs and lounges, a bench and a couple […]

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