Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring

There is an abundance of tires in the world! They are made of rubber which is extremely durable but does not last forever, however, it does take a long time to decompose and can take a huge amount of space in landfill sites. Rubber is also present in other products; thankfully, the excess of this material is now being put to good use. Much of the excess rubber in the world is now being turned into flooring. This is because people have started to become aware of how flexible, durable and stylish a rubber floor can be. As demand increase, the number of tires in the landfill will begin to decrease.

Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring 1 • Recycled Rubber


Rubber flooring has been used in a commercial setting for many years; it has been recognized as helping to create a safe and sustainable environment for all employees. However, it is only in recent years that the interest in this type of flooring has been opened up to the personal homeowner. Architects and interior designers are bringing rubber flooring to the attention of the market as it is now designed in a huge range of colors and styles. It is also a sought after building and flooring material by anyone seeking to adopt a green approach to their home.


Flooring is made from own tires and is, therefore, environmentally friendly. However, when it is no longer any use in your hole, due to deterioration or style change, it can be recycled again! There are many specialty firms which will take your old flooring and convert it into new mats or even covering for a sports arena. Should it have to be put into landfill, rubber flooring is much less harmful to the environment than the piles of tires which would be there.

Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring 3 • Recycled Rubber

Reasons to use rubber as flooring

Aside from its durability and environmental credentials there are several other reasons why it makes a good flooring for any room in your house:

  • Rubber flooring is a little bouncy which makes it extremely comfortable and supportive should you need to stand for any length of time. It also has enough bounce to prevent the majority of items from breaking when dropped on it; although not enough to make you feel like you are on a trampoline!
  • Sounds are absorbed by this floor making it an excellent sound barrier between levels in any property.
  • Non-slip. Rubber naturally provides a good grip to feet or shoes. This makes it a good choice for anyone who is at risk of falling over; it also provides a softer landing if you do fall.
  • Water and stain resistant. No matter which room you use the flooring in it will survive the odd spills which happen in a home. It is naturally water resistant making it easy to mop up a sill, and as the liquid does not soak in, it will not stain.
  • Heavy impact. The natural bounce of the rubber makes it exceptionally good at handling high impact loads without marking. This could be items dropped on it or even furniture stood on it.
  • Rubber is incredibly difficult to gauge or scuff, or even scratch. This makes it a good choice for any home with children or heavy-handed adults who may damage a floor quickly.
  • Maintenance is minimal. Any floor needs to be kept clean, and rubber is no different. But it does not require any particular maintenance precautions and will not take up your valuable time cleaning it.
  • Health and environment issue. There are none! There have been no health problems related to the use of rubber flooring, despite the fact that it has been used for many years commercially. It is also increasingly environmentally friendly. Not only it is recycled and can be recycled again; it is produced from the sap of the rubber tree, a resource that is being renewed as quickly as it is being used.
Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring 5 • Recycled Rubber

If you are thinking about changing your flooring, take a look at the variety of rubber floors on offer; you may be pleasantly surprised! Select from a variety of models available in the market, and transform your space into a comfortable, soft, and waterproof zone.

But, if you are more on a wood floor for aesthetics considerations, engineered floors made from wood are also a good solution in terms of environmental impacts.

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