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Bike Tube Upcycled Into Tote Bag

By Neokentin

Tote bag or large purse made from recycled bike tubes and old climbing rope. A roomy bag with a simple and clean design, approximately 14″ x 8″ x 4″. The […]

Belt Made Out Of Recycled Bike Tire

By Neokentin

Bicycle tires are very hard to recycle and have a big impact on the environment. By making a belt out of it, you are not only saving money, but you […]

Recycled Tire Bracelets

By Neokentin

Recycled bracelets with old tires by LADYZUNGA (Artist, DJ and eco-designer).

Peruvian Sandals Made from Tyre

By Neokentin

The Yanque Company is selling durable and versatile sandals made from reused (up-cycled) tyres. But these sandals are much more than just excellent footwear. By sharing the Yanque sandals with […]

Get off Your Jean's ...

By Neokentin

“Davis messenger bag in Recycled bike tire and jeans label patchwork”. Outside : recycled jeans labels (brown and other colors) and recycled bike tire. Adjustable shoulder strap. Velcro flap. Inside […]

Recycled Shoes in Tube, Tire, Measuring Tape and Parachute Bag

By Neokentin

A day of delirium, she sent me a “post” on my Facebook page saying that he would be great if Jean-Marc Marron Rouge start to make recycled shoes. I found […]

The Retyrement Plan

By Neokentin

Outer Contents: Frame made of Old rubber tyre- scooter, car, bus, truck and every other well traveled wheel! Twine- garment industry cast offs, plastic wrappers etc etc Additional frame work- […]

Recycled Tire Case for Ipad, Ipad Mini & Iphone

By Neokentin

The inner tube of a tire is obviously very important to the operation of any car, truck, or van. It literally holds the air inside the tire. It is also […]

Spare Tire Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made of a spare tire, a piece of pipe from an old swing, the frame of a bicycle and 2 bicycle steers. The lampshades are made of old posters […]

Diy: Stool with Old Motorcycle Tires

By Neokentin

You cut a wood board and then you cut two circle of wood that will go at the top of your stool. After, you pierce the tires and locked them […]

Recycled Tire & Inner Tube Wearable Dress

By Neokentin

I use discarded inner tubes that I find in our parks by the river. I also use used bike parts. The only thing new on all items is the thread […]

Shoe from Tyre

By Neodim

Tires reused into shoes!

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