by László Szabó

Bracelets From Colorful Upcycled Bicycle Tires

Tire bracelet from “Felvarrom” upcycled / recycled cycling apparel manufacture!

All tire bracelets are made from carefully selected, high-quality, colorful recycled bicycle tires. All the recycled materials Felvarrom uses are fully examined and cleaned. You won’t find any suspicious dirt or dreadful cracks on the bracelet. Felvarrom logo is printed onto the cowhide inner side of the bracelet, and all bracelets are signed individually with its size, production year and product number (S/12/555 means Small size, year 2012, number 555).

Felvarrom uses industrial colored Velcro for fastening, durable for thousands of pressing. Handmade in Budapest.





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Laura Ossa
Laura Ossa

Que buen destino a los neumáticos, después de su vida útil quedan bonitos en las pulseras. Al menos le sacan provecho a algo que ya solo hace escombro en todo el mundo. Me gusta.

April Holder

I’ll bet you could make neat dog collars with those too.

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