Coffee Table From an Upcycled Massey Ferguson Tractor

By Neokentin

This beautiful and more than original coffee table has been made by Smithers of Stamford. It is made by upcycling parts from an old Massey Ferguson Tractor and was upgraded […]

Vintage Massey Ferguson Tractor Upcycled Into Design Bar

By Neokentin

Abandoned vintage tractor that was rescued from an empty field and superbly repurposed into a bar with a glass top. A beautiful way of giving a second and useful long […]

Old Massey Ferguson Tractor Repurposed As A Piece Of Industrial Design For Your Interior

By Neodim

We love this idea of bringing a beloved Massey Ferguson into your home. We had never seen such brilliant idea to give a twist to you industrial interior.

Baby Blue Tractor Tyre

By Neokentin

Nothing more than an old Tractor tyre with a bit of MDF and some coins covered with epoxy resin. Bachelor pad here we come!!!!!

Tractor Seat Into Design Bar Stool

By Neokentin

Last month I helped my neighbour to clean out his garage. His parents originate from Dapto, so his shed had all kinds of interesting stuff, among the items he was […]

Diy : Tractor Trailer

By Neokentin

From a plastic bottle, cardboard and bottle caps was born a game for children: a tractor trailer.  This project was created to teach parents how to recycle creatively and to […]

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