Old Massey Ferguson Tractor Repurposed As A Piece Of Industrial Design For Your Interior

Old Massey Fergusson tractor repurposed as a piece of industrial design for in your interior

We love this idea of bringing a beloved Massey Ferguson into your home. We had never seen such brilliant idea to give a twist to you industrial interior.

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Felecia Berg
Felecia Berg

Good drink bar for a farmer.

Coralie Granier

Wouah!! EXCELLENT!!!

Amy Marlow

Linda Marlow: Dad would have loved this!!!xx

Jon Kelsey

Clever and cool!

Stéphanie Brunet

Terrible !

Christine Fraser

I LOVE this!

Grace De Campos

mira su pared Andrés :D

Andrés Campos

Todo esta padrisimo la pared, la mesa, el banco y la lámpara todoooo me gustó el diseño de la pared para cortina

Laura Lundgard

Now THAT is cool! Just happen to know where there are a couple old tractors!

Sofie Loberg

Camilla Nylander, vilken häftig annorlunda ide!

Adva Levy-Avrahami


Tiffany Tryharder

Love it!

Lola Lm

Mike Moyne il doit y en avoir dans ton coin :-)

Stephen Gallagher

Liam Heneghan this would look good in the pub

Hanna van Hanna

Jan Henk misschien goeie inspiratie voor een (paar van) jouw auto(‘s) ?? :D

Sara Svensson

Henning! En Victor istället….

Ophélie Zalama

Super!!! En bureau pour Kikou ;)

Kaddour Lethied

Très original .

Hayley Cooper

Love it x

Richard Cooper
Reply to  Hayley Cooper

And where would it go

Hayley Cooper
Reply to  Hayley Cooper

Not sure but its so cool. Would look lovely as a garden table ? X

Anita Wernli


Lamine Guenif

Beau décor

Michelle Fantauzzi

Justin Demers right up your alley ;)

Claire Taylor

Tina Janney want one of these?

Betsy Johnson
Betsy Johnson

It’s sooooo cool. I want one. No, two. One for upstairs and one for the bar downstairs.

Rissa N. Menagerie

Sharon Trim. Karen Lindsay, Rhonda Bluehill, Rosemount Farm Csa

Sophie Toujas

Amandine :D je me tannerai jamais de te tagguer dès que je vois passer un tracteur

Amandine Gauthier
Reply to  Sophie Toujas

ta grandeur d’âme m’émeut ;)

Angé Lique

Julien Maréchal ???

Julien Maréchal
Reply to  Angé Lique

Angé Lique un capot de Cox et on a notre table de cuisine

Angé Lique
Reply to  Angé Lique

On va pas martyriser une cox qd meme….

Lou Dissident

?Je ne reconnais plus personne en Massey Ferguson ?

Saskia Warling

Gary Schoos

Jervis Looby

David Doheny

David Doheny
Reply to  Jervis Looby

Jervis Looby now that’s top class man ?

David Doheny

Kevin Doheny

Bianca Klutman

Bradley Klutman kijk leuk

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