We Waste !

By Neokentin

Placemats bought in charity shops and hand printed on the back with facts about food waste. They’re part of a project encouraging people to share multibuy offers in supermarkets.

Household Waste Art

By Neokentin

For Patrick G. BRIDE, the artistic recycling of certain household waste is a means to express its creativity and to share with the others it. These characters are realized in […]

N+ew Light : E-waste Lamp

By Neokentin

N+EW “No More Electronic Waste” light. These lamps are produced by rotomolding, in a mix of low density plastic with crushed electronic waste plastic. This process shapes the diffuser molded […]

Skipwaste Project

By Neodim

SkipWaste.org.uk is a site designed to share the location and contents of skips across the country. It incourages the re-use of resources, making it easy to find and get what […]

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