by Tom Walker

Wastehouse: a Public Art Piece for Vancouver Science Museum

WasteHouse – A Joan Robey & Tom Walker collaboration for “Science World Museum” of Vancouver
The Vancouver Science World Museum – Ken Spencer Park – A brand-new 35,000 square foot outdoor gallery focusing on educating young visitors and their families about sustainable choices available in the areas of food, energy, transportation, water conservation, waste and recycling, and housing… oh and fun.

Joan and I created “WasteHouse” – a House made of household trash in the form of a stylized Queen Anne style house… the frame of which is 10 ft long by 7 feet wide and 13 feet tall.

We will be built it out of… plastic bottles, cans, clothing, pots, pans, kitchen appliances, furniture, sporting goods etc, etc, etc… all things used and thrown away in a house – or at least our best cross-section of that that we can come up with!

The house will be ballasted to weigh 4500lbs, and will be swinging from a long, long lever; kids at the other end of the lever will be able to “lift the house”.

Update: Mid June 2012 – The house is complete, is being transported up to the Museum on an oversize truck, and will soon be installed.



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Robb Hankins
Robb Hankins

This is a very neat idea. In Canton, OH, we built lots of a pieces of public art out of recycled materials, and it’s changing the way people think — about art and junk!

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