Upcycled Wrist Watch Earrings

By StarvedRaccoon

Why keep old wrist watches around if they don’t work? Here’s why! They make interesting earrings!

Upcycled Hardwood Becomes Wooden Watches

By Neokentin

From hardwood to wristwatch, this video focuses on the arduous process that’s followed Day-in and day-out to create the Ovi Watch.

Fancy Necklaces Made Out Of Upcycled Dials Watches

By Neokentin

Time is standing still … how often would it be great ;) Gabarage upcycling design gives used dials a new life as a wonderful necklace.

Upcycled Watch Battery Rings

By Upcycled Design Lab

Rings made from old watch batteries.

Time and Jewellery

By Neokentin

London, Bermondsey Street, Back Yard Antique Market. A vendor who calls me darling every 15 seconds has dozens of vintage pocket watches on display. For a reasonable price. Well, reasonable […]

Recycled Skateboard Watches

By Neokentin

One of a kind art & watches made from recycled skateboards! Manufactured in Canada.

Tissot Watch Upcycled Into Miniature Harley

By Neokentin

Recycled Tissot 1853 watch into little Harley motorcycle!

Recycled Watch Art

By Neokentin

Thumbnails made ​​with watch parts, recovered from the jewelers.

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