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Saba, Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Kitchen Island Light

By Stil Novo Design

Saba is a pendant ceiling light completely handcrafted using reclaimed oak stave’s, recycled from discarded French wine barrels and reinvented into this elegant, unique light fixture. Saba is ideal as […]

Merlot Meteor & The Saw Blade Saturn

By Randy Morris

We Drink a lot of Coffee up here in the Great North Wet, and a bit of Merlot also. So, what do we do with the empties? We use our […]

The Healdsburg Light (Recycled Wine Barrel)

By Seth Richardson

Recycled wine barrel stave wall sconce with recycled wine bottle as light cover The Healdsburg Light was inspired by the history of the immigrant families who came to Healdsburg and […]

14 Original Wine Racks From Recycled Materials

By Neokentin

Here is a selection of 14 original and cool wine racks made from upcycled and recycled materials, a wonderful source of inspiration for your collection of wine bottles! :) Have […]

14 Gorgeous Ideas of Recycled Wine Barrels

By Neokentin

We love wine barrels at Recyclart and we already featured a lot of projects and ideas made from recycled wine barrels. You’ll find below 14 ideas of repurposed wine barrels. […]

Creativity from Corks

By Neokentin

Art expresses itself in myriad ways and forms. Paintings, pottery, glass or marble statues, art is for everyone something else (fortunately). What one inspires and upsets, might be for another […]

Design Furniture's and Objects Made from Recycled Wine Barrel Staves

By Neokentin

My work focuses mainly on the creation of objects and furniture from recycled and salvaged wine barrel staves. Located in Bordeaux (France), in the middle of the “Grands Crus” area, […]

French Wine Recyclart

By Neokentin

In October in France, every hypermarket or supermarket organizes its own wine fair, a wonderful time to ask them for wine wooden crates : with this material, your imagination can […]

Bar Counter Made From Empty Glass Bottles

By Neokentin

Looks like Guinness bottles?

Wine Barrel Christmas Tree

By Neokentin

Just one idea more for Christmas tree, had fun to do it.

Ephemeral Wine Barrels Bar

By Neokentin

An ephemeral bar made from old wine barrels by Rara Woulib theater company (France). This is recycled art! :)

Matchin Steamer Trunk Wine and Liquor Cabinets

By Neokentin

These are made from 1940’s metal and wood steamer trunks. I used pine and oak for the inside paneling and shelves along with some oak wine glass hangers. A repainted […]

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