– Artisan Bathe Box Review

By HeatherStiletto

When you’ve had a hard day at work – or crafting – or searching for holiday deals before Black Friday, it’s nice to be able to pamper yourself a bit. […]

Globein, The Startup That Empower and Connect Third-world Artisans With Shoppers

By Neokentin

San Francisco-based startup GlobeIn is a platform where small artisans from all around the world can sell their goods to a vast international clientele. GlobeIn’s mission is to build a […]

Play The World Artwork

By Neokentin

The installation uses the forms of the Tetris game. The used spray paint slowly removes the glue from the labels and therefore the labels from the disk. This lets the […]

Suffocating The World Infographic

By Neokentin

You’re standing in line at the grocery store when you realize that you don’t have your reusable bag. You’ll have to get a plastic bag. Again. You feel sad for […]

Invisible People

By Neokentin

According to current estimates, as many as twenty million children are displaced by armed conflicts or human rights violations around the world. I have a strong affinity for these traumatized […]

The World Bbq

By Neodim

The World BBQ is a symbol of human consumption of natural resources.

World Inside Out: A Chandelier Made Out Of Recycled World Globes

By Neodim

Beautiful chandelier made of 15 upcycled world globes. This 2m high piece of art was made by Benoit Vieubled and called, “Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers“.

Giant Helmet Sculpture (2nd Guinness World Record)

By Neodim

Here is the 2nd largest sculpture ever made of recycled materials. Unveiled on April 28, 2010 in Huelva (Spain). 3,283 yellow helmets gleamed proudly in the Andalucian sun. The sculptor, […]

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