by Suzana Gigic

Telling Stories Lamps

Light, as a base of life, fascinates me and I constantly have been trying to transform it, break and make it useful in everyday life. I wish that what is regular and unnoticed for all of us be turned, by apostrophizing, into the unusual, noticed, a part of the interior that leaves us without words. I want to make the light “important” part of the interior, and that is why she creates “STORYTELLING ” LAMPS .  They communicate to you and to the surrounding ambient.
The lamp as a functional part of furniture retains its function, but in the new role, it has multiple meanings and is almost “sculptural”.  It gives a new seal to the environment and inspires to contemplation. Pure aesthetics and beautifully framed and art invited to a tournament with space.

Telling Stories Lamps 1 • Lamps & Lights

Telling Stories Lamps 2 • Lamps & Lights

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Victoria Brace
Victoria Brace

It’s a Halloween leek! No?.. Oops.. ;)

Dalia Salas

:D amazing!


Very well put! There really is something comforting about a nice soft glow that is emitted through different channels. We’ve been putting together bottle lamps for a few years now and have enjoyed the ambiance that they offer to any room in your house.

Maybe the camp fires of generations past still hold some of that same allure today.

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