Tetrabox Lamp

These TetraBox Lamp are made by Malaysian designer Ed Chew from recycled strips of empty Tetra Brik boxes. Packet drinks are one of the most favored soft drinks among Malaysians, they just love sipping packet drinks wherever they go and never actually bother about the thousands of boxes discarded off after each quench, despite knowing the fact that landfills across Malaysian country are bursting at the seams.The TetraBox Lamp gives these containers a new purpose by turning them into dazzling lampshades and makes funky and fabulous patterns when illuminated.

Tetrabox Lamp 1 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 2 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 3 • Lamps & Lights

Tetrabox Lamp 4 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 5 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 6 • Lamps & Lights

Tetrabox Lamp 7 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 8 • Lamps & Lights
Tetrabox Lamp 9 • Lamps & Lights


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Yvonne Lemle via Facebook
Yvonne Lemle via Facebook

so eine hätte iach auch gerne, die ist ja der Hammer!!

Liz Thomas via Facebook
Liz Thomas via Facebook

i love this idea…what a great reuse of tetra paks…I’d run out of ideas as to what to do with them…you can only use so many of them for planting seedlings…

Debra Cusick via Facebook
Debra Cusick via Facebook

This is wonderful. I want to buy one of these. Would it be possible? Is Ed Chew in production? YES!

Yaourthàlacrème DemamieNova

Trop psychédélique!

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