The Drums Chair

Drums chair made from old drums elements and some old tin cans!

Batterie Chaise: Chaise + Boites de conserves, Bass System element.

The Drums Chair 1 • Recycled Packaging

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Tim Pike

Luke Foran your bin drummers could branch out

Andrea Daranghi

La voglio!

Annalies van der Pol-Bouma

Leuke uitdaging Bob! Kunnen David en Maarten mooi met je meedoen.

Bob Bouma

Ha!!!! Geweldig!!! ??

Bass System

Bass System original drum chair !

Sarah Jane

Renata Coppola next level chair drums…

Renata Coppola
Reply to  Sarah Jane

Oooh! I love this!

Danny Persse

Screenproject TheScreenproject Dublin

Agnès Verseils Ricart

G-rôm Ricart ?!!! <3

G-rôm Ricart

Ne me tente pas…

Bass System

Batterie Chaise de Bass System. Merci Recyclart !

Santa Valeria Marinella

Emilio Pinna e Alessia Sulis toh, per soddisfare la vostra ancestrale voglia di batteria!

Emilio Pinna

Bellissima! La voglio ?

Santa Valeria Marinella

Puoi trasformarti in Giovanni Muchacha e realizzartelo da te!

Alessia Sulis

Maaaa comeeee AHAHHAHA

Matty Cartner

??? *heavy breathing*

Steeve Bonnet

Romain Gouillon c’est pas ta batterie ?!??

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