The Fragility of Time

The Fragility of Time 1 • Wood & Organic
The Fragility of Time 2 • Wood & Organic
The Fragility of Time 3 • Wood & Organic

The Fragility of Time 4 • Wood & Organic

Designer Ignacio Canales Aracil created these fantastic sculptures by pressing and drying wildflowers collected from gardens and nurseries in the UK. The flowers are held together without any structure or glue, they stand and stick together as the straw in a hat after being dried and pressed all at once. The roughness of the process that requires lots of physical effort contrast with the delicacy and fragility of the finished sculpture.


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Sheri Oriona
Sheri Oriona

WOW!! Totally beautiful!

Alfonzo Postel
Alfonzo Postel

the wire has been around for 8 seasons? Has Vince got around to being famous yet cause if not I nominate its renamed to “Friends”… Wait.

Grace ivo
Grace ivo

Ecodesign, arte e creatività, anche su facebook

Grace Ivo – Arte e Creatività

Marie-Reine Diou via Facebook
Marie-Reine Diou via Facebook

flower power: j’aime!

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