The Retyrement Plan

Outer Contents:

  • Frame made of Old rubber tyre- scooter, car, bus, truck and every other well traveled wheel!
  • Twine- garment industry cast offs, plastic wrappers etc etc
  • Additional frame work- old wood, bamboo, cane..

Inner Contents:
Connecting the dots to make a new product from old stuff and making it so that our hearts can be a little lighter and brighter as we look out into our lives.
As this conscious and funky product is being created, a variety of people connect and benefit across vast social and cultural divides. They contribute towards an idea which is all the richer thanks to the differences shared.
Lovingly held in hands, colorful twine rearranged, weave a story for a myriad people who see the shimmer in the dust of this incredible land.
Retyrement Plan is a symbol of our times. Each and everyone of us will consume contemporary design which is created purely from old materials…the current endless waste tonnage, with no place else to go has to return to the new necessity of Earth’s evolution…Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
Upcycle – wholecycle – anycycle, everything that flows in a cycle has a place in our lives…Created by Anu Tandon Vieira and called The Retyrement Plan!


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I loove the ottomans…. everything about it


Are there actual directions for how to make these available somewhere? I would love to make some for my patio.

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