Turn Old Plates Into License Plate Planters

These upcycled License Plate Planters bring a touch of rural charm to any garden. I sell them on my Etsy, or you can make your own by following the instructions I made for you. 

Note: Any metalworking or machine shop will have a slip roll tool that you may ask to borrow (they are normally used for rolling sheet metal into ducts, etc.) Or you can buy a mini hand-crank model for around $150 US.

Here’s how you can make your own License Plate Planters:

  1. Gather some old license plates. You can find them at flea markets, antique shops or even online. Avoid plates that are very rusty.
  2. Use a “slip roll” to roll each plate into a cylinder (see photos). This takes a bit of practice. It helps to start each plate at a gentle radius and crank it through a couple of times, getting tighter each time.
  3. Use a 3.75 inch* (95mm*) drill bit to cut circles from scrap wood (one for each plate). These will be the bottom pieces for each planter. *Note: This size will work for standard American license plates (6″x12″). If you are using plates from another country, you may need to adjust the size of the wood pieces.
  4. Screw each plate into the bottom piece using the license plate’s existing holes. At the seam, I like to punch another hole and do the third screw.
  5. Fill with dirt & plants. Use the plate’s top holes to hang the planters from any nail, hook or chain. Enjoy!
Create License Plate Planters from upcycled plates that you can find free or cheap.
Old license plates are bent into circular shapes to create little vertical planters.
Turn Old Plates Into License Plate Planters 2 • Garden Ideas
Mount them on the wall, and even use them for flowering plants!
The right tool makes these License Plate Planters come out perfectly every time!
The right tool makes all the difference. Yes, you can hand-bend the plates, but you won’t get the precision like using the correct device.
Turn Old Plates Into License Plate Planters 5 • Garden Ideas
Just add a wood plug for the bottom and upcycle a little plastic or metal lid for a water tray, and these License Plate Planters are ready to use!

Cut out a bit of wood for the bottom, and upcycle a lid, and you can create these License Plate Planters. The planters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Turn Old Plates Into License Plate Planters 7 • Garden Ideas
Brilliant idea, and very cute, too! So what are you waiting for? Find that old license plate you’ve got stored somewhere from your first car, or sentimental car, and get to bending!
Collect your favorite states, or get those special ones for family members and plant succulents or other cute little plants in these License Plate Planters
Now if you can find one of those decorative plates…. that would be even more adorable!
Hanging License Plate Planters are even more adorable.
Create hanging planters by hooking a few together. Plant a draping succulent, and you’ll have an attractive, unique piece of garden art.

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