Turning Trash To Treasure, Upcycling Project Inspiration

Did you know that 75% of solid waste is recyclable? But only 30% is actually recycled?

Rich Palmer, the owner of Dustbox Cleaning Services, based in the UK see so much waste, but also so many items that can be recycled and turned into something new that he put together some quick facts on the recycling industry, some upcycling project inspirations from around the world and 3 DIY tutorials on items you can reuse and create something new with at home. You can see below the infographic Rich has done on the upcycling world!


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J’aime ces idées de recyclage. Si le monde entier pouvait également se rendre compte des magnifiques objets que l’on peut faire, je serai satisfaite.
Mon association “Art Ô Vern’ a cette ligne de conduite. Et au mois de mai nous exposerons nos créations, dans le local que notre mairie de Givors met à notre disposition.

Alors vive le recyclage de ces déchets qui sont de l’or en barre.


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