Unbelievable Driftwood Art Will Inspire You

Tamás Kánya creates his Driftwood Art in Budapest, mainly on the bank of the Danube, as he says, together with nature. What Nature shaped, he imagines it further. He’s made balance-statues out of stones for four years. He’s a self-taught artist who finds inspiration wherever he goes.

Land art: finding beauty and turning it into Driftwood Art!

Tamas has got inspiration from everyday driftwood that washed up on the shoreline. For two years he’s created breathtaking mandalas from small stones, shells and other natural treasures. The bank of the Danube is his studio, where he spends hours every day year round. More and more people know about him and visit his outdoor gallery.

Sculptures like this E.T. Driftwood Art are items the artist creates.
Phone home!
Beautiful twisted Driftwood Art like this rattlesnake are stunning!
The Rattler!
Don't feed the Driftwood Art critters!
Feeding a driftwood critter.
It's always feeding time somewhere, especially for Driftwood Art.
Feeding time!
Driftwood Art like this soccer player will make you smile.
A surfer riding a Nessie-inspired Driftwood Art piece is too cute!
Surfing Nessie!
A twisted Driftwood Art man carries a large fish.
I swear the fish was this big!
A mother bird Driftwood Art piece sits over her nest.
Mother Bird
Creative Driftwood Art like this merman make use of upcycled items besides driftwood.
Yelling Merman!


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