by Scott Sherwood

Upcycled 35mm Film Slide Curtains

These are window treatments like no other. Sustainable Stylish and Multifunctional. Upcycled Custom curtains made from vintage one of a kind 35mm film slides.

Every slide is housed with a new hard plastic white mount that attractively displays each image and compliments any rooms decor. Each slide is connected with eight metal rings making them very durable yet flexible like chain-mail , easily opened and closed like real curtains. The slides were meticulously sorted and put in order by color theme from pink at the top, followed by red, orange ,yellow, green, blue, and purple.

All the 35mm slides are original photographic images from the the past 50+ years from various amateur photographers around the world and the subject matters are as diverse as the planet itself.

By night the slides are visible from outside when the interior lights are illuminated acting as a privacy window for you.

The curtains are 5ft 7in tall by 6ft wide and consist of 36 curtain rings, 1,152 vintage film slides and 1,152 slide mounts and almost 7,000 silver tone rings and took a total of 4 months to make.

Upcycled 35mm Film Slide Curtains 3 • Accessories


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Lafontaine Lula


Magda Żmijka

właśnie potrzebuję zasłonek…tylko mam za mało takich kliszy.dysponuje ktoś?

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