Upcycled Alarm Clock Becomes Retro Chalkboard

Don’t just toss away that old alarm clock! Watch how an Upcycled Alarm Clock Becomes a Retro Chalkboard, and it’s simple!

Make your own Retro Chalkboard for any room of the house:

Material: an old retro alarm clock with glass pane (not plastic), a brush, chalkboard paint, tape and chalk (ideally chalk markers).

First, apply masking tape to cover the rim of the alarm clock. You only need to paint the glass pane with chalkboard paint in two or three layers. You need to allow the paint to dry between layers. After the final coat has dried, remove the masking tape and begin having some fun! It´s best to use chalk markers which look and work just like felt pens, except that liquid chalk emerges from the pen tip. If you use normal chalk, you have to be careful that you do not scratch too hard on the chalkboard. Otherwise, you risk scraping off the paint again.

Retro Chalkboard1

Retro Chalkboard2

Cool idea! Here’s another great way to upcycle those old clocks – into Clock Jewelry!


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