by Monique S. Vaughan

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames: Fetch a Stick Snap a Pic

I had some leftover bamboo, and a great selection of pictures, and decided to combined the two into these Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames!

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames are fun, flexible, and decorating them can be a family project too!

I had some bamboo leftover from another project I had done awhile back, just sitting there. Then it hit me, as my ideas typically tend to do. I was inspired to make some bamboo picture frames. I built them so that some lay horizontal and some sit vertically. I used a Dremel to slice a thin line down the curved side, and there is typically a flat side. Also, I used a rounded diamond wheel and made sure to make them the length of regular pictures. I then painted them, and added photos and came up with Fetch a Stick. Snap a Pic.

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames1

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames2

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames3

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames4

Upcycled Bamboo Picture Frames: Fetch a Stick Snap a Pic 5 • Wood & Organic

What a creative idea! How about a creative set of Shelves to display these great photos?

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