by Lou Rinehart

Upcycled Dog Beds/Supplies That’ll Make You Smile!

Turn pallets, spools and discarded furniture into unique upcycled dog beds and supplies that’ll make you and your pets very happy!

Turn discarded items into one-of-a-kind upcycled dog beds, decorations, and pet supplies by thinking outside of the box!

We used wine barrels to make decorative wall hangers and plaques. Additionally, we used barbed wire and bird netting to create heart-shaped wall decorations. More pallets were used to form stenciled wall art.

Upcycled Dog Beds and more like this hanger made from spool hardware and one spool slat.
Turn pallets and spool hardware into convenient hangers for leashes, collars and more!
Upcycled Dog Beds can be made from the spool end with a bit of plastic or rubber wrapped around the back to keep cushions in place.
Turn one spool end and some upcycled plastic into an adorable pet bed. Add a squishy cushion, and you’ve got doggy heaven!
Make all kinds of thins like this heart-shaped wire-wrapped decoration or even Upcycled Dog Beds.
Leftover wire and mesh? Turn it into a sweet heart-shaped decoration.
Upcycled Dog Beds include this spool end that has palle wood as the backstop for the cushions.
Use a spool end and pallet pieces to create a cushion holder for the perfect doggy lounge spot.

Upcycled Dog Beds/Supplies That'll Make You Smile! 5 • Recycled Pallets

All you need are a few stencils (or hand-paint), some pallet scraps, and some creativity to make this adorable pet-themed wall art piece. Or use this technique on Upcycled Dog Beds.
Turn leftover wood pieces into pet-themed wall art.

Sometimes only a bag of pee-wees will do for that perfect gag gift. Make a pallet railing along your walkway or entrance ramp. Want to build your own dog bed? Check-out this pallet dog bed free PDF tutorial by 1001Pallets.

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