Upcycled Jewellery

Welcome to The Upcycle Jewellery Company Turning junk into funk! Most of the Jewellery is made out of up-cycled items such as old keys, bric a brac, nuts,bolts,nails etc
They’ve all been fashionably up-cycled to look fabulous when worn by you and a real conversation piece. If you cant find what you desire, send me a wire. I will do commissioned pieces if you have something you require fashionably made into something you can wear. It all started when my wife spotted someone wearing a ring made from an old key. She couldn’t find one anywhere so I was tasked with making one. Months later and a burnt hole in the kitchen floor I succeeded. I then moved on to other things with vintage wristwatch movements and even became a candle maker with upcycled champagne bottles.



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remade in Britain
remade in Britain

Really funky and different stuff. Love what you are doing particularly the VW ring which I will mention to my Volkswagon loving colleague.

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