Upcycled Mirror For Daughter’s Room Or Bathroom Vanity

I needed a mirror for our daughter’s room, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money, Luckily, I found this old mirror sitting by the garbage, and had an idea! I turned it into a beautiful, feminine Upcycled Mirror for my daughter’s room and she loves it!

With a little elbow grease and a bit of paint, you can transform an Upcycled Mirror into a beautiful vanity mirror.

First, find a discarded mirror, or get one on the cheap at a yard sale or used store. Remove the mirror from the frame if possible. If not, mask it off carefully to prevent overspray or scratching. Next, clean the frame and prep it according to the paint manufacturer’s directions. Typically you’ll need to scuff it gently to break the glaze and then clean it thoroughly. Paint it in any color you wish. I used silver and added little baubles along the inner frame to add a bit of character. Hang it up and let your daughter enjoy!

Upcycled Mirror For Daughter's Room Or Bathroom Vanity 1 • Recycled Furniture
Turn trash into a beautiful looking glass! What little girl wouldn’t love having this beautiful mirror in their room to check their hair and clothes before they go to school
Upcycled Mirror For Daughter's Room Or Bathroom Vanity 3 • Recycled Furniture
I painted this mirror frame silver after cleaning it, then added decorative little baubles around the inner edge of the frame.

If you’re upcycling, why not make some interesting Vinyl Wave Art too? Here’s another great idea for a unique Pallet-Framed Mirror.

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