Upcycled Mirror Frame Helps Plants Grow!

I made this Upcycled Mirror Frame to let the light reflect back onto my plants. I made the screens stable by tying them together and wrapping around them. So I made them to stand up and set around my plants to reflect the light.

Bring in the light with this great Upcycled Mirror Frame idea!

The screens were a happy mistake. I cut them 1/2 inch too tall. I used leftover mirrors from my kitchen wall project. The mirrors for the plants are three screens wide and four mirrors high, so again they cost me 12 dollars to make. I used upcycled wood I found in the trash cans of a large hardware store.

Even when you mis-measure, you can have a happy accident like with this Upcycled Mirror Frame.
I made the frames a bit large for the mirrors, but it was a happy accident.
Bring in more light with this Upcycled Mirror Frame and help your plants grow better.
The mirror frame helps to reflect light to let my plants grow!
I tied my Upcycled Mirror Frame together to keep it sturdy and made it able to stand up.
I secured the frames together to make them sturdier and able to stand up.
I chose a simple design - just butt-joined the Upcycled Mirror Frame and then added diagonal supports.
I made these frames from found wood!

Here’s an easy Vertical Pallet Planter you can make for free! Turn outdated computer hardware into beautiful wall art!


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