Upcycled Wine Crate Becomes Decorative Wooden Altar

Turning wine crates into wall art is possible when you put your mind and your heart into the project. This Decorative Wooden Altar shows how to upcycle something as common as a wine crate into something beautiful and meaningful while adding a feminine touch to your home.

Make your own Decorative Wooden Altar – and put your personal touch on it to fit your personal style!

I upcycled this old wine crate that I found on the street in Lisbon. It has a new life as an altar for the Holy Fatima. I painted the crate white and let it dry. Next, I added some pretty pink-and-white patterned scrapbook paper (or you could use wallpaper too) as the background. I glued it in place into the bottom of the crate.

Have fun and be creative with your Decorative Wooden Altar – decorate it with anything you find beautiful!

Next, I used small pink and white pearls and glued them in place to surround the edge of the paper. Hot glue works great for this project, but craft glue like E6000 also holds well. Just let it dry flat before you invert it. I trimmed the lip of the container with more pink and white pearls, these a bit larger. After everything had dried, I placed my favorite statuette in place. Add some LED lights for a different effect and a beautiful nightlight! Hang it up anywhere to give you an opportunity to pause and admire your creative recycling as well as re-energizing your spirit!

Upcycled Wine Crate Becomes Decorative Wooden Altar 1 • Wood & Organic
Make a beautiful piece of wall art that gives you a moment to reflect on the important things in life. There’s nothing wrong with making it beautiful and feminine in the process, too. This Decorative Wooden Altar does a great job of showing you how to combine the secular and spiritual into a mindful piece of art.

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Editor’s note: E6000 Craft Glue is a multi-purpose craft glue, and is very sturdy and reliable. This admin. Assistant can verify it’ll hold these little pearls on at speeds up to 165 miles per hour and daily highway driving for years!

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