by Betty

Upcycled Wood Panel Photo Transfers

I created these wood panel photo transfers using my original photographs on upcycled wood panels or timber. Hardly Wasted Artwork is an actual photograph taken by Black Rose Photography. They are unique pieces, and each piece is photo-transferred on unique recycled lumber!  These pieces are an excellent example of ultimate upcycling, going from trash to art!  Remember – we have only one planet. There is no throwing away. It is just piling unwanted things and wasting resources!

How to make your own (straightforward polyurethane method) for crisp photo transfers:

Supplies needed:

  • clear polyurethane sealant (choice of finish is optional)
  • paintbrush or sponge brush
  • wood piece/panel sanded smooth (if you want it painted or stained, do that first and be sure it is scorched & free of oils!)
  • picture hanger hardware
  • photograph printed using a color LASER printer
  • a cup of ordinary water and a sponge

First, prep up your wood and sand it smooth, and ensure the surface is clean and dust-free. Next, find your image and size it the way you want. You may need to mirror images that have printing on them. Apply a layer of polyurethane to the board, coating the complete surface with an even layer. Take your photo and center it above your prepped board, carefully place it down, and then gently but evenly press it into the poly to remove the bubbles/air gaps. If it’s not touching the polyurethane, the photo won’t transfer. Allow the polyurethane to completely dry.

Time to remove the paper backing from your Wood Panel Photo Transfers:

Next, use water and a sponge; lightly wet the paper and GENTLY rub the paper-free. It’ll wad up and roll off. Some people prefer to use their fingers for this step. Remove all of the paper and let dry. You can now coat the picture with more poly to seal it. Hang it up and share your creation with the world!

Wood Panel Photo Transfers1
Wood Panel Photo Transfers2
Wood Panel Photo Transfers3
Wood Panel Photo Transfers4
Wood Panel Photo Transfers5

Beautifully done! Now, for you aspiring artists – you need to know how to Protect Your Work!


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