Upcycling Furniture in Your Child’s Room

Upcycling is a recent trend which involves transforming unused products into something usable and often more beautiful than before. This is helpful for the environment but it can also be used to create fun and interesting pieces for a child’s bedroom and is a fun DIY project for children too. By using old furniture and customising it into a completely, you can create new and original pieces.

Build a bed


If you set aside some time and use toddler sized palettes, you can create a platform bed for your child’s room. This is a great way to get creative whilst making something completely worthwhile too. Doing this allows you to choose which colours to paint the palettes so it may be a good idea to choose a colour that you know your kids will love.

Décor Books


Use books as décor in your child’s room. Books have a way of bringing creativity, colour and life into a room which is why so many people enjoy displaying them in fun and unique ways. They are ideal for a kid’s bedroom, plus who knows, it may even get the kids reading!

Transform a Chair


Instead of simply throwing out an old chair why not take this opportunity to re-vamp it a little? Chairs have fantastic upcycling potential and can be easily transformed by simply painting them and changing the seat cover. You can make it more personal and create your own seat cover or hand paint a fun design on the chair itself. Spend some creative time on this project with your little ones and the result will be worth it!

Storage it Up


 Children come with a lot of baggage…quite literally. They have tons of toys lying about their rooms with nowhere for them to go, which is why it is a great idea to come up with more storage space for them. You can completely transform an old ottoman for instance or even use a suitcase as a sort of treasure chest to store all of your child’s favourite things.

Covering Furniture with Wallpaper

Another popular way to upcycle furniture is to use wallpaper with colourful patterns on it; a great way to add some colour and creativity to your child’s room. Doing this will instantly add extra life into the room and spruce up any old dreary pieces of furniture. You can try this project on chairs, old desks or even chests of drawers!

Upcycling furniture in your child’s bedroom offers the opportunity to get creative and is a great family activity for the kids to help out. Try upcycling your furniture and you will be surprised by what you can do with a little bit of imagination!

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